Social Media Advertising…

If You Own A Business, You NEED To Be
Advertising On Social Media, Period.


Traditional “old school” marketing is practically dead.

Sure we still use things like direct mail occasionally and it can be highly effective… but if you’re business hasn’t caught up with the new era of advertising, chances are you are struggling.

Even when a business “thinks” social media won’t work for them, 8/10 learn it’s extremely profitable for them and usually one of their cheapest CPA advertising channels. Nice surprise, right?

Facebook Advertising is the single greatest resource for most small businesses, but it’s not the only one. Our Agency has launched highly profitable campaigns on Pintrest, Youtube and Instagram.

But the reason Facebook is so far ahead of everyone else, is thanks to the most advanced TARGETING on the planet for an advertiser to use.

 Facebook has data on everything, from income to job type to relationship status and most importantly your interests and BEHAVIORS. What you buy, where you shop, what companies you like. The amount of data available at a marketers fingertips is literally insane, and scary!

So whether you are in…




Private Practice



Or anything really

Then you’ll probably want to be advertising on Facebook (and other social sites) ASAP. Because your competitors are probably already doing it, which means you are losing out on new leads and customers.

Another KEY advantage to social media platforms is the ability to generate measurable results at insane ROI. Old school advertising has nothing on the results we are seeing everyday on social where campaigns are literally printing money for businesses. You put in 1 dollar, and 2,3,10,20 pops out in leads and customers.

“They lowered my CPA from $25 to $11 within two months. One of the campaigns they built went nutz on our FB business page, getting over 100,000 views and more action than we’d ever seen. Needless to say, this has done wonders for our business!”
Samantha, Public Speaking

“We heard Facebook was the best platform to advertise on and spent the past 6 months trying to make it work. But no matter who we hired or what they did, it wasn’t moving the needle and getting us the results we wanted. I met Chris at a local marketing event here in San Diego and he was highly recommended. After 1 week of work together, his campaigns were smashing our previous results already. And within 1 month, I had something SCALABLE which is what our business needed but couldn’t seem to figure out. They setup much more advanced campaigns than everyone else before, and I’m certain this is why they worked so much better.”
Gregory, Digital Publishing

“Every time we tried to scale our FB campaigns with bigger budgets the results would fall off a cliff. We couldn’t figure out how to scale profitably, and that’s why we brought in this team of experts to help. And sure enough, they knew exactly what the problems were and how to solve them quickly. I now know scaling campaigns is not as simple as increasing budget or creating look-a-like audiences, they use some really advanced stuff in their process and IT WORKS!”
Alfred, Nutrition Supplements

Social Media Services Include:

Build highly customized advertising campaigns through facebook and other social sites (we are getting an average of 3-5x return on social ad spend right now. Which means, with a properly setup sales funnel our clients are printing money every time they spend money on ads!)

Create viral social videos from the script all the way to production (these are great for facebook and youtube to generate a buzz around your brand)

Setup business fan pages from scratch (this includes content creation, from the engaging posts your prospects will actually read along with offers, promotions and more!)

Create contests, giveaways, promos and more (a great way to take advantage of social media followers is by using contests and giveaways. There’s a high-level process, but when done right it can results in INSANE ROI)

Monthly management of all your content and ad campaigns (one of the single most important aspects of social advertising is OPTIMIZATION. You can’t expect to setup something in a week and have it remain profitable. We’ll be inside your campaigns daily testing ways to boost your returns.)

Youtube, Instagram, Pintrest & LinkedIn Advertising (we don’t just use Facebook to grow a business. If your business qualifies, we will create campaigns on some of these other hot social sites to find and qualify your prospects)

 And more…

We use a lot of advanced techniques to build highly profitable campaigns, and if you’d like to learn more just fill out the info below or book a spot on our calendar FREE.


We Also Use Google Adwords…

Depending on your business, we may recommend using Google Adwords. Times have changed though, and it’s more expensive than ever to run profitable campaigns on here which is why many businesses try and fail.

The process is very different than social media advertising, from campaign level to creative and even the offer.

It can still work incredibly well, IF everything is built well (and of course only if your business qualifies).

Learn More About Our Social Media Advertising Today!

Use the form below and schedule a free consultation with Marketing Funnel Agency. We’ll ask you some questions before the call (which you can schedule at your convenience) so the call delivers the most VALUE to you in the shortest amount of time.


Q: Will social media advertising work for my business?

A: There’s a high probability the answer is YES! Not every business should focus on social advertising, however, a majority of the ones we work with DO. It’s insanely profitable when setup right, and managed by a team of experts. We’ll know more after reviewing your application, and will let you know our recommendations (it’s FREE to apply).

Q: Which platform should I start with?

A: Usually Facebook, but we also recommend Youtube and occasionally Pintrest or Instagram depending on your niche. Social platforms are changing the game for online advertising, and if you aren’t using one of these it’s costing you a lot of potential leads & sales.

Q: What’s the process of working with you?

A: The first step is you click the “Apply Now” button on this page, or if it’s a rush job simply use the calendar for immediate booking. Next you’ll be directed to a short application to fill out, so we can gather critical details about your business and needs to serve you better on a call. If you’ve already booked a spot on the calendar, you’ll receive everything via email. Otherwise, you’ll have the option to book a call after your application is submitted and we’ve determined if you qualify for our growth services.

Q: How long does a project take?

A: This is completely dependent on the amount of work we’ll need to do, which is determined after carefully analyzing your existing business setup and goals. Sometimes it can take 1 week, others may take 1 month. Our #1 priority is delivering RESULTS so if that means we need to do more work early on, we will. Our second priority is speed, which means we use the fastest route to your success possible.