How to Create an
“On-call” Panel of Experts to
Solve Your Toughest Challenges

Jun 6, 2017

Expert feedback is hard to come by.

True experts — in any field — are highly sought-after people. Which means, if they truly have the knowledge you need, then their time is usually extremely limited.

And if they have time to devote to answering your question, their advice is often not worth listening to.

And if you are fortunate enough to find someone with time and expertise, they are outrageously expensive.

There is another way.

Mastermind groups are unique collectives that put a variety of experts at your fingertips.

Experts that join mastermind groups put aside time for the group, meaning that if you have a question, there’s a constant knowledge base available to answer it.

“What is a mastermind?”

Masterminds are grossly under-utilized and misunderstood, and for the most part, are a new phenomenon to most people.

In it’s simplest form, a mastermind group is a collective of smart, like-minded, motivated people who decide to meet periodically (perhaps every week, month, 3 months, year, etc.) and are dedicated to helping each other tackle tough challenges and overcome barriers.

Masterminds can be formed around common goals like losing weight, learning a subject, or most commonly, growing a business.

They are about using the collective intellect of the group to solve problems and build more success in each individual member’s ventures. When one person in the group succeeds, the whole group is elevated.

If you ask the most successful CEOs, teachers, and thought-leaders the secret to their success, they’ll say the network around them. These networks are often found in the form of mastermind groups. The vast majority of them quietly host, attend or are involved in a mastermind group of their own, sometimes even paying huge sums of money to stay connected and active in them.

Why are mastermind groups so crucial to so many people’s success?

Mastermind Secret #1

Successful people expand your definition of success

We tend to measure success by comparing ourselves to others. If we are only surrounded by people making close to our current income, then jumping into say, a 7-figure income seems like something “other people” do.

Masterminds expose us to people doing incredible things — making 7-figures, travelling the world, or starting new businesses. These people serve as “sherpas,” guiding us up the peaks that previously seemed impossible.

Surrounding yourself by people more successful than you propels you forward in ways you never thought possible.

Mastermind Secret #2

You get a surprising amount of individual attention

Many masterminds offer “hot seat” opportunities.

You present to the group a pressing, frustrating business problem you’re currently facing. Because the group members are diverse in skill, experience, and expertise, you receive creative, counterintuitive solutions unavailable in any other format.

You get feedback from the accumulated experience of different industries, positions, and education, exposing you to countless perspectives and unique approaches to the solution.

The result is breakthrough ideas for both solving the issue at hand, and exploring new opportunities for business and personal growth.

Mastermind Secret #3

The “In-Group” Effect

Being a business owner can be a lonely job.

Often as we reach new levels of success, the amount of people that understand our daily challenges (and even our daily achievements) dwindles.

We can begin to feel outcast, even in groups of people who care about us.

Within a mastermind group, that loneliness is diminished. Our goals, desires, fears, and challenges are no longer foreign, but all-too-common. This renews our sense of purpose and achievement, making way for bigger goals, more regular achievements, and support during the difficult times.

The “In-group effect” also means that you create new partnerships, expand your avenues for growth, and branch out into new and uncharted projects with a collective that can support you every step of the way.

Mastermind Secret #4

Endless Inspiration and Motivation

This environment of like-minded, ambitious individuals serves as a catalyst to inspire and motivate you to work on your craft.

When you feel stuck, in a rut, or lacking motivation, the group is there to pull you out and propel you forward.

Waning passion and lack of motivation leads to defeatism and giving up.

But once you are inspired to attack your goals, your passion will come alive again, rejuvenating you to tackle even the most challenging obstacles.

Mastermind Secret #5

A network you can tap into for years to come

Being part of a mastermind will expand your network quickly and exponentially.

Mastermind groups lead to business partnerships, affiliate deals, referrals, and even job opportunities.

Even if you leave the group, or the mastermind takes a different directions, these are relationships that last for years and decades to come.

This could mean thousands, or even millions of dollars in opportunities throughout the lifetime of your business.

Accelerate your success today with a mastermind…

You probably already have people in your network right now that would make an ideal mastermind group.

Make a list of motivated, intelligent, diverse individuals from the following:

Your friends

Your colleagues




Networking conferences

Industry facebook groups

Select 5 – 10 ambitious people, then set up monthly meet-ups where you give feedback on your previous work and share your goals and challenges.

The power of collaboration and discussing your business goals will do more for your own business than you could ever imagine.

Or Join an Existing Mastermind Group

This easily connects you with thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs without worrying about the leg-work or logistics.